2019 Plug In to Data Science Recordings Bundle

2019 Plug In to Data Science Recordings Bundle

Price: Members: $210; Non-Members: $299

Download the 2019 Plug In to Data Science Recordings Bundle for nine educational recordings featuring data science findings your team won’t want to miss. Upon purchase, you will receive the following session recordings via zip file. Please email info@aprahome.org if your system blocks access to zip files. Sessions include:

  • 20 Data Science Ideas that will help you Increase your Fundraising Capabilities (Michael London)
  • Keynote: Crafting a Data Story: U.S. Government Shutdown Impact (Brian Xu)
  • Benchmarking in Higher Education Fundraising (Zachary Robson)
  • The Predictive Modeling Process – Insights and Improvements (Meredith Shapiro)
  • Getting Data In and Out of R Quickly and Easily (Jacob Tolbert)
  • Once More, With Feeling: Tips and Tools for Reproducible Reporting (James Rogol)
  • Demystifying Machine Learning (Nicholas Teff)
  • Behavioral Basics: Using Data Science to Predict Engagement and Philanthropy (Louis Diez, Jay Dillon. Alexandar Oftelie, Rachelle Martino)
  • Honing Your Craft: Data Science (Barron Cato, Michael Reed, James Cheng, Jing Zhou)
  • Introducing Constituent Intelligence, a New Team Transforming Data into Action (Jena Zangs, Patrick Sanchez)

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