An Interactive Guide to Prospect Development Site Visits

Have you ever admired a shop’s best practices and wanted to know more? Has leadership ever asked you to implement a project or process, and you didn’t know where to start? Do you need more than a quick ping of PRSPCT-L for inspiration and direction? Phone a friend by conducting a site visit! 

We’re lucky that Apra has fostered a giving community among its membership, and Prospect Development professionals are often more than willing to invest in one another’s success.

Click below to access this interactive infographic on tapping into site visits purposefully and strategically. 

Download the guide as a PDF here.


This article relates to the Relationship Management domain in the Apra Body of Knowledge.

 Connecting with others is vital for continuing education. Start here: Sign up for Apra’s PRSPCT-L to be a part of the discussion group and keep the peer-to-peer knowledge flowing. 

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