Apra's Body of Knowledge Is Updated and Better than Ever

Apra's Body of Knowledge Committee recently reviewed and updated the Body of Knowledge domains, ensuring the domain competencies remain relevant and useful for prospect development professionals.

The updates focused on new developments in the field, as well as new resources and recommended reading and websites to view. Specific updates include: 

  • The Campaigns domain underwent an overall review to ensure its relevancy, and to update the glossary and suggested reading section.
  • The Prospect Research domain now includes new global privacy and data protection regulations. It also includes new professional opportunities, and an updated data vendor list and suggested reading. Finally, references to other Apra resources, such as the Advocacy Toolkit, have been added.

The Body of Knowledge is free for Apra members, and can be used to help train your teams, justify salary increases and even develop performance reviews.


“The Apra Body of Knowledge is an essential resource for all prospect research managers. It provides a solid picture of what every researcher should know in order to succeed in their work, and serves as a road map for both your own personal development and for helping your team members stay on the cutting edge of their skills and knowledge.”
—John Hermans, Director, Advancement Research, University of Toronto

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