Apra Chapter Capture

Chapter Capture

All over, Apra chapters are organizing events that highlight industry innovation, information and connection. Learn what Apra chapters have been doing this quarter, and discover upcoming events that you can pencil into your schedule.


Apra Colorado – Apra Colorado had several members present at Apra’s 30th Annual Conference. Apra Colorado board president Sara Wuorinen presented a relationship management session titled “Contact Reports: What Are They, Why Are They Important, What Should Be Included (or Not)?” Apra Colorado members Bryan Carney and Eric Patterson, who also served on the chapter board, presented a data analytics session titled, “Distilling Multiple Wealth Indicators into Single Gift Capacity Estimates.” Apra Colorado member and former board president Milagro Lobato presented a pre-conference workshop titled, “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go: Talent Management for Minimizing Turnover and Developing Teams.” Apra Colorado member Karina Garcia presented “Prospect Management: A Holistic Approach to Strategy.”

Apra Metro DC – Apra Metro DC held its Annual Conference on April 11, 2017, at the CASE Headquarters in Washington, DC. Featured speakers included Stacy Palmer, editor of The Chronicle of Philanthropy; Christina Pulawski, independent consultant at Christina Pulawski Consulting; Michael Quevli, senior consultant at Target Analytics; and Bond Lammey, managing associate at Bentz Whaley Flessner. This past June, the chapter co-hosted its first webinar with Apra Carolinas, “Philanthropic Game Changer: Strategies for Donor Advised Funds,” which was presented by Apra Metro DC’s Immediate Past President, Lindsey Nadeau. Over the summer, the chapter also awarded its second-annual Daniel H. Greeley Memorial Scholarship to support the professional development of chapter member Pam Harris, director of research and prospect management at George Mason University.

Apra Pennsylvania – Apra Pennsylvania held a Lancaster networking session on June 20, 2017, hosted by Franklin & Marshall College. Twelve attendees gathered to network and discuss contemporary topics and resources spanning prospect management, research and analytics. They enjoyed researcher camaraderie over appetizers and drinks at Iron Hill Brewery on the beautiful F&M campus.

Western Pennsylvania professionals came together for conversation and appetizers at the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh on September 7, 2017. The museum generously admitted attendees to view their collection. Attendees shared excitement about the 2018 Prospect Development conference in Pittsburgh. This gathering also generated enthusiasm to develop additional networking, roundtable and professional development opportunities for Western Pennsylvania chapter members.


Apra Central-South Texas – Apra Central-South Texas will be hosting a fall event at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, focusing on the topic of fundraising after a natural disaster. Speaker and date to be announced; please check the chapter’s website or Facebook page for updates.

Apra Central-South Texas is also starting a mentoring program, which will help connect those new to research and prospect management with seasoned professionals. Build your skills and gain new professional contacts with a minimal time commitment. If you are interested in participating, please contact Marissa Moses.

Apra Colorado – Apra Colorado is gearing up for its 2017 Fall Conference, featuring keynote speaker Preeti Gill, founder of Sole Searcher Strategies. Preeti’s interactive presentation, “A Woman’s Place is in Your Prospect Portfolio,” will explore the systemic challenges prospect development and fundraising professionals encounter on a daily basis. She will also offer practical opportunities to secure support from this powerful segment of donors at each stage of the development cycle. Check out her latest blog, A Few Great Women. On Twitter, you’ll find Preeti @SoleSearcherPR  and #gogirlresearch.

Additionally, University of Colorado’s senior development data analyst Jason Cherry will be sharing his expertise on data analytics. The conference, which is being held on Friday, October 20, 2017, at Colorado State University’s new stadium, will also engage individuals involved with CSU’s Women in Philanthropy initiative and Apra Colorado members interested in sharing their knowledge and experiences. 

Apra Georgia – Apra Georgia hosts its annual Fall Conference on October 27, 2017, at Woodward Academy, College Park, Georgia. The conference keynote speaker will be Kristin Hathaway-Hansen, vice president of development for Atlanta’s Woodruff Arts Center. Other speakers include Roslyn Clarke, director of research at Morehouse College; Prisca Zaccaria, senior director of advancement research and prospect management at University of Georgia; and Mike Sanders, from Target Analytics, a division of Blackbaud Inc. More information can be found here.

In December, Apra Georgia will host a Holiday Luncheon with colleagues at Seasons 52 in Buckhead.

Apra-Great Plains – Please join Apra-Great Plains for the first ever Apra-Great Plains Webinar Fest taking place October 23-27, 2017! Experience an educational week of live, interactive webinars featuring insights from some of the nation’s leading prospect development professionals. This event is free for Apra-Great Plains members, and $10/webinar or $40/week for non-members of Apra-Great Plains. Click here to view a list of featured webinars and to register.

Apra Illinois – Apra Illinois is hosting their second annual Fall Networking Conference on October 27, 2017, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The program will consist of three sessions of roundtable discussions on the development tracks of prospect research, prospect management and data analytics. The programming committee will be moderating the table discussions, and all members are encouraged to come with questions, challenges and advice. This has been a very successful way for members to take time to meet, collaborate and debate their work.

Apra Maryland – Apra Maryland is holding their annual conference on Thursday, November 2, 2017, at the TranZed Conference Center in Baltimore, Maryland. The conference features Mark Egge giving a presentation and workshop on power, influence and critical relationships. Amy Gingle and Caitlin Rettaliata from Year Up will also be presenting, and the conference will feature a panel discussion on career progression. To learn more or to register, visit https://apramd.wildapricot.org/page-1758731.

Apra Metro DC – Apra Metro DC will host a lunchtime presentation from Bond Lammey, managing associate at Bentz Whaley Flessner, entitled “A Researcher’s Guide to the Galaxy… of Resources” on October 25, 2017. The current state of resources for prospect researchers is seemingly endless, so this session will walk attendees through options to consider in determining which resources to use for which types of requests. For more information on this event and other upcoming programming, visit the chapter’s website.

Apra Missouri/Kansas – Save the Date! Apra Missouri/Kansas and Apra Great Plains are hosting a joint conference in Kansas City, Missouri! The conference will be March 22-23, 2018. A committee of members from both chapters are hard at work planning what is sure to be a dynamic event. Bond Lammey of Bentz, Whaley, Flessner will be the featured speaker. Be on the lookout for the call for speakers later this fall.

Apra Ohio – The Ohio Prospect Research Network (OPRN) is looking for presenters for the May 3-4, 2018, conference in Columbus, Ohio. The call for proposals and application can be found on our website, www.oprn.org. The deadline is November 1, 2017. Full (75 minute) and mini (30 minute) presentations are welcome on the full breadth of topics related to the prospect development industry.  

Apra Pennsylvania – Apra Pennsylvania’s Chapter Conference will take place November 6, 2017, and will be hosted by the American Bible Society in Philadelphia.

Apra Upstate New York – Apra Upstate New York is hosting its Fall Conference October 27, 2017, at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York. Renowned speakers David Lawson and Lori Hood Lawson are presenting “Cave Diving in the SEC Data Lake,” and Dave Robertson is presenting on RFM/deRscore in a presentation called, “A What Have You Done For Me Lately Score.” The conference sponsors are Staupell Analytics and IWAVE. For more information, please email president Patti Whitford.

Apra Virginia – Apra Virginia hosts its annual Fall Conference on October 11, 2017, at Longwood University. The speakers include Aimee Fitzgerald, executive director of prospect development and information strategy, the College of William and Mary; Vicki O'Brien, associate director of prospect research analysis, University of South Carolina; and Elizabeth Roma, assistant director, and Angie Stapleton, research associate, The Helen Brown Group. The topics include fundraiser performance metrics, portfolio analysis and new ways to engage philanthropic advisors. Even better: There will be a raffle for a basket filled with Virginia goodies, and the chance for conference attendees who are non-members to win a free year of Apra Virginia membership. More information can be found here.

Two of Apra Virginia board members are also taking a trip further south in October. Cintra Davis and Carrie Naumann will be presenters for the Apra Carolinas Fall Conference in Wilmington, North Carolina. They will be presenting on managing prospect development through a conversion.

Lastly, Apra Virginia continues to grow! It has added four new members in the last month, and hopes to increase membership with its fabulous programming and expanding services. If you are in Virginia and interested in becoming a member, please contact Kristin Richardson, president, Apra Virginia.


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