Apra’s Keynote Creates Change, and So Can You

Derreck Kayongo - resized.pngDerreck Kayongo will take the stage as the keynote speaker at Prospect Development 2017, held July 26-29 in Anaheim, California. Founder of the Global Soap Project and CEO of the Center for Civil and Human Rights, Kayongo will break down the keys to his success: service, education, leadership and faith.

We recently spoke to Kayongo about the hard work and passion that led to his success. The following are highlights of just some of the wisdom Kayongo shared, along with resources and tips you can use to put his words into action.

“Innovation begins through research. … We are able to do things that are unimaginable only because we invested in research.”

  • Read about Apra’s advocacy efforts and what #ResearchPride means to professionals in our industry in Helen Brown’s article “This is Pride.” 
  • Tune in to the Hey Advocacy! podcast for tips on how to advocate for yourself, your teams and your profession.

“It begins with you. … When you don’t show up, nothing happens.”

  • Kick your career development into high gear and advocate for yourself. Learn to build relationships and promote your ideas to influence change and grow professionally with Lisa Howley, University of Southern California, at the Prospect Development 2017 session “Act Now: The Intentional Career Plan.”

“The whole role and purpose of failure is to sharpen your skillset. … The biggest failure is not trying.”

“People who do amazing things around the world have freed their mind of ‘I can’t do that.’ You need gumption to do things, and you need a certain persona and dedication and commitment to your passion.”

  • Have you heard the term intrapreneur? Check out Jennifer MacCormack’s article about your opportunities to ignite change in prospect development. 
  • Is a culture of data-driven results in a small research shop a reality or a dream? Join Apra at Prospect Development 2017 to hear to how the Greater Twin Cities United Way team has led the way in influencing major gift asks and defining short- and long-term-win strategies by developing and championing this culture.
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