Apra Scholarship

Recipient: Jennifer Peplinkski 

Jennifer Peplinski was “flabbergasted and surprised” when she learned she had won the Apra Scholarship — so surprised, in fact, that she woke her dog as she worked from home.

Prospect development is a new field for Jennifer. The prospect research analyst from Gonzaga University has only worked in her current position since September 2015. She spent many years as a dental hygienist and started her career at Gonzaga University as a gift accounting assistant. A perceptive supervisor realized Jennifer wasn’t being challenged in that position, and recommended the promotion to prospect research analyst.

Jennifer describes herself as a research-minded person who likes to learn. Now, she said, she is “fascinated with research.”

Jennifer said she enjoys learning about development officers and their strategies and helping them build strategies with prospects. Despite working remotely and primarily communicating with her coworkers via phone or Skype, she said she has a great collaboration with the officers.

Jennifer applied for the Apra Scholarship because she is a self-directed individual and wanted the opportunity to better herself as a professional in the prospect development field. She said she also appreciates the award of conference attendance and the one-year Apra membership. For others thinking about applying, Jennifer offered these words of advice: “If you’re self-driven and want to improve your skills, it is 100 percent worth the time and energy to complete the application.”

Karla Y. Davis is a prospect information analyst at Northwestern University and a member of Apra’s editorial advisory committee.

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