Attend Upcoming PRSPCT-L Webinar to Learn More About the Revamped Platform

Live webcast: February 16, 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. CT 

In this webinar, taking place during Apra's Chapters Share the Knowledge, Apra volunteers and staff will explain the changes that users will see across the platform and detail how to get the most out of the Listserv. Webinar content will include:

  • How to navigate the platform
  • Tips and tricks for optimal use
  • How to set and manage your preferences and notifications
  • How to utilize some of the features, such as enhanced discussion forums and user profiles


If you're not familiar with PRSPCT-L or the changes that will occur in the platform in February, we've put together some common FAQ's below. 

What is the purpose of PRSPCT-L?

  • PRSPCT-L is a platform designed for prospect development professionals to utilize for best-practice and idea sharing. This dedicated platform contains eight different topic groups, ranging from Campaigns to Data Analytics to Tool and Resources and Job Postings. Apra hopes that PRSPCT-L is seen and used as an industry-wide resource. 

Why the change?

  • PRSPCT-L is a valued resource, and Apra hopes to make it even more valuable to you. With the help of a taskforce made up of long-time PRSPCT-L users, Apra surveyed members and subscribers regarding their PRSPCT-L use, analyzed the data that was received, assessed multiple options and ultimately designed a plan to revamp PRSPCT-L.

So, what exactly will change (and what won't)?

  • There will be zero loss of functionality with the transition to the new platform
  • Ease of use will remain the same or be better on the new platform than it was on the old platform
  • We are working to copy all archived posts from the old platform to the new platform

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