Build Foundational Knowledge at Apra Fundamentals: Prospect Research

Sharpen Your Skills at Apra Fundamentals: Prospect Research

Apra Fundamentals: Prospect Research is taking place October 25, 27 and 29 and is the perfect place to continue building on the skills and concepts needed to build a successful career!

Apra Fundamental's programming includes practical and foundational knowledge needed to succeed in prospect development work, opportunities to share experiences with colleagues and the chance to build a network of professional contacts.

This program to explore fundraising terms, technologies, techniques and resources for finding and analyzing biographical, background and financial information, plus, introduce corporate and foundation research. At Apra Fundamentals, you can expect:

  • A three-day schedule filled with educational and invigorating sessions
  • A notable Apra faculty list
  • Access to a pre-event online community and four hours’ worth of module training.
  • A focus on the four key areas of prospect development: Campaigns, Prospect Research, Prospect Management, and Data Science.

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Build Foundational Knowledge at Apra Fundamentals: Prospect Research