Diving In

By Amy Modin, prospect development analyst, CommonSpirit Health

An interview with Karrie Swanson, SWARO Regional Chair for New Mexico.

There is a first for everybody. My recent “first” is a video interview with a fellow Apra member and work colleague Karrie Swanson, who was kind enough to be part of this experiment I’m embarking on. As a member of the Apra Editorial Advisory Committee, I am seeking to launch future chats with other Apra members across our many chapters. My goal is to surface fellow prospect development members that quietly hum in the background and learn more about what might be driving you to do something different in your chapter — both personally and professionally.

For Karrie, her “first” was recently joining SWARO (Southwestern Advancement Research Organization), a regional chapter of Apra for those that live in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.

Karrie has over 10 years in the nonprofit industry of healthcare. A student of fine art and design, she began her career as a graphic design project specialist (something she still does), but has since transitioned into prospect development over the past four years.

Online webinars and conferences were the extent of Karrie’s participation with professional networks. The past two years in prospect development have exposed Karrie to Apra International, and her recent relocation to New Mexico has inspired her to take a new step for personal and professional development. Intrigued by their logo design, Karrie ambitiously embarks on becoming an active member of SWARO.

Sit back with a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy a listen. Let’s meet Karrie!

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