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The following are articles previously published in the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy’s Healthcare Philanthropy Journal. Apra members get special access to these articles as part of our partnership with AHP. Download the two articles below to gain industry insights to advance your healthcare philanthropy understanding.

Grateful Patients Under the Microscope

To gain insights into how patients think about grateful patient programs, researchers from Johns Hopkins Medicine conducted a qualitative study of 20 patients who supported Johns Hopkins and its providers, collecting data from 2010 to 2012 by carrying out and recording one-on-one interviews that were then transcribed verbatim. Read through the findings from the report in this downloadable article.

You Had Me at Hello

Implementing a strategic onboarding program can help healthcare development shops proactively address the problems of employee turnover and dissatisfaction. While there are numerous definitions of strategic onboarding in the literature, for the purposes of this article, it’s defined as the process by which newcomers learn the attitudes, knowledge, skills and behaviors required to be successful within their institutions. Download the full article for more details on effective onboarding.

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