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Changing Culture to Promote Philanthropy 
By Elizabeth Dullhopf-Brown, Frank Interlichia and Jon Sussman

The University of Rochester Medical Center’s Patient and Family Giving program is centered on trusting individual relationships and a core group of physicians, nurses, dentists and other care providers.

The University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) had tried various “grateful patient” fundraising efforts for nearly 10 years, but lacked a formal, disciplined program headed by a dedicated staff member. In July 2015, that changed when the Patient and Family Giving Department (headed by Elizabeth Dollhopf-Brown) was established, and a “Philanthropy Champions” program was built, in which physicians, nurses, dentists and other health professionals could become philanthropy advocates. Learn how URMC changed their culture to promote a more sustainable approach to philanthropy.

Amplifying Appreciation
By Sarah Andrews, M.B.A.

Patient satisfaction is a key performance driver for health care systems. But have you considered that improving the patient experience can also fuel philanthropy? Grateful patients are among some of the most generous donors, so it benefits organizations to provide those who support them with exceptional experiences. Learn how smaller, community-based hospitals are increasingly turning to concierge programs as a tool to elevate donor and prospect gratitude. 

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