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The following are articles previously published in the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy’s (AHP) journal, Healthcare Philanthropy. Apra members get special access to these articles as part of our partnership with AHP. Download the two articles below to gain industry insights to advance your healthcare philanthropy understanding.

Engaging Physicians in Philanthropy: Twelve Years Later
By Clifford I. Harris, M.D.

Physician involvement in grateful patient philanthropy is a tremendous way to boost the fundraising effectiveness at every hospital, and it’s an opportunity waiting to be seized. In this article, a doctor describes the top 10 things he's learned since 2006, the year in which he published an article describing his transition from primary care doctor to full-time medical fundraising.

Service Recovery: How Dropped Balls and Angry Donors Can Work in Your Favor
By Kitty McKay

By dealing with issues earnestly and effectively, discontented donors often turn around and express appreciation for the extra caring demonstrated on their behalf. Through the process, they draw closer to organizations and become more engaged. The key to having a dropped ball work in your favor is to perform heartfelt service recovery — in the moment — elevating donor engagement.

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