Get in on the Conversation: Notes from PD 2019 Group Discussions

This year at Prospect Development 2019, Apra’s annual conference, prospect development professionals from all over gathered to learn from thought leaders, exchange knowledge and gain new insights to take back to their shops.

Group discussions took place after select sessions, including those in the Data Analytics Symposium (DAS), allowing attendees to collect their thoughts and delve further into topics with peers.

Linked below are notes from attendees, recapping several discussions. Dive in to each to learn more. 

Apra PD 2019 Group Discussions

On the Friday night of Apra’s Prospect Development 2019 conference, attendees gathered for small group discussions on several topics curated by the Curriculum Planning Committee. Topics included recruitment and talent management; policies and procedures; dreaming big; metrics in prospect development; and advocacy in action. Check out the highlights in this recap.


Apra DAS Group Discussion Recap: What Does “Big Data” Mean for Fundraising Analytics?

The session “What Does ‘Big Data’ Mean for Fundraising Analytics?” focused on defining the concept of big data, identifying key roadblocks and next steps for implementing big data strategies at PD 2019 attendees’ home organizations. Get the group’s takeaways here.


Apra DAS Group Discussion Recap: Climbing Mt. Data

Hear what attendees had to say on how to thoughtfully select your next data science project, where participants were in their career trajectory, front-and-center challenges for different organizations when it comes to fundraising and engagement, as well as next steps they determined. Get their notes here.   


Apra DAS Group Discussion: Experimental Data Science - Lessons from the Lab

What challenges do prospect development professionals face when gathering data? What’s the best way to collect data from donors? Get a peek into participants’ discussion in these recap notes.



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