Herding Cats: The Art of Prospect Management

Presenter: Ruthie Giles, Senior Researcher for Prospect Research
Mount Holyoke College
University of Denver
Year: 2018
Price: Members: $49, Non-Members: $79
Body of Knowledge Domains: Relationship Management

Primary Competency: RM:Competency 7: Portfolio Management
Secondary Competency: RM:Competency 5: Moves Management
Tertiary Competency: RM:Competency 6: Prospect Strategy
Intended Audience Level: Level I, Level II
At the end of their last major fundraising campaign, Mount Holyoke College was faced with bloated prospect assignment lists, data inconsistencies, and new post-campaign fundraising priorities. In light of this situation, prospect research was tasked with finding a better way to manage the prospect portfolios. 

Mount Holyoke College embarked on the development and implementation of a prospect management system. With the guidance of prospect management system expert, Ruthie Giles, Mount Holyoke College has created and implemented a portfolio management system that has allowed them to move away from bloated portfolios, ineffective meetings, and an unstructured system of managing portfolios. They have moved to a streamlined, efficient, effective system where prospect management drives their fundraising strategies.

Implementing these changes was not, however, an entirely smooth process. Ruthie will share Mount Holyoke’s successes as well as their pitfalls, missteps, and the course corrections that were made along the way. She will share how they structure their strategy meetings and use portfolio analytics to make prospect research and management the go-to resource for creating successful prospect strategies that result in optimal outcomes for their team.

This session will provide you with an overview of Mount Holyoke College’s efforts to define, document and embed a standardized system within our Leadership Gifts team that would enable them to identify and move the best prospect through the stages of cultivation in a thoughtful, timely and highly successful manner. You will walk away with actual steps for how to create a similar system in your own office that you can act upon today.

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