Insight That Inspires: The Evolution of Connections

Welcome to the new Connections! As you can see, we have moved to a completely online format, and we are looking forward to hearing from you about how we can continue to fulfill our mission—making Connections the premier information resource for professionals in fundraising research, analytics and relationship management.

I encourage you to take a spin around our new format and explore the wealth of articles available. Some you may have seen some of these articles before, or perhaps you missed them in the past few issues. One of the advantages of an online platform is that we have more space and can keep a larger inventory of articles available, front and center, for a longer period of time. Others are certainly new, and you can keep an eye out for new additions every month—no more waiting for a quarterly issue to appear.

I’d also like you to explore with an eye to thinking about becoming a contributor yourself. Our content is from our community. Sharing knowledge, experience and ideas has always been a hallmark of the Apra membership. Now, more than ever, we will rely on you to step up and offer your insights, knowing that you have the opportunity to teach and inspire your colleagues across the profession.

A quick tour across the top menu bar will take you through these departments:

Features: Still the heart of Connections, these are in-depth explorations of topics with broad interest to Apra members. They might include case studies, trend stories or how-to articles. Lately, we have been reaching out to presenters from Apra conferences to convert their presentations into feature articles. Of course original new content is always welcome!

Innovation: Articles here are generally shorter and focus on the application of new ideas, first-person commentary, interviews, and book and blog reviews. If you have resources you’d like us to share or new ideas you are excited about, this is where they should be.

In the Field: Here you will find news and updates, chapter activities and special columns from our Apra committees.

Statistical Significance: We love visualizing useful data! Keep an eye out here for graphs, charts and short but pithy visualization of interesting topics. We’d love to have your ideas about good data sources and topics.

Thought Leaders: Background on our valued contributors appears here. We really appreciate each and every author and want you to know a bit about them.

About: Who we are—the Apra members and staff behind Connections, as well as how to get in touch with us to contribute.

Enjoy your exploration, and please let us know what you think. Feel free to email me at with comments, suggestions and especially your ideas for articles you would like to contribute.

All best,

Susan Faraone is a senior consultant at Aspen Leadership Group, as well as the editor of Connections. She has worked in higher education institutions for much of her 35-year career in a wide variety of roles, leading strategic and campaign planning, front-line fundraising teams, prospect development (research, analytics and prospect management), advancement operations, donor relations and stewardship.

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