Introducing... the Executive Leadership Cohort

Apra is pleased to introduce a new educational offering: the 2018 Executive Leadership Cohort, August 10 from 11:00am - 5:00pm. Designed for prospect development senior leaders who have been working in the field for ten years or more, this targeted group will meet during Prospect Development 2018 for a series of closed-door discussions focused on timely industry issues, leadership strategies and more.
The format of the cohort will encourage idea-sharing through a series of open conversations facilitated by Apra members and career professionals. Topics discussed during this interactive program may include:
  • Leadership Today
  • Influence
  • Advanced Career Growth
  • The Future of Research
Learn more about this exclusive program here, then secure your spot at Prospect Development 2018 and submit your name for consideration*. When completing your registration, be sure to select "Yes" when asked "Are you interested in being considered for the Executive Leadership Cohort?", then provide further detail regarding your leadership role within your organization. 
Please note: there are no additional costs associated with the Executive Leadership Cohort. 
*Participation in this cohort is contingent on committee approval. Submit your name to be considered to participate in the cohort when you register for Prospect Development 2018.
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