Know Your Donor, Mitigate Risk – Due Diligence for Nonprofit Organizations

Presenter: Andrew Watson-Hogan, Global Head – Nonprofit, Wealth-X
Year: 2020
Price: Members: $0, Non-members: $39

Description: Join Andrew Watson-Hogan, Senior Director and Global Head of Nonprofit and Education, as he takes a look at the growing need for donor due diligence across the nonprofit sector to prevent reputational damage and donor fallout. This 30-minute webinar will highlight the various risk potential for non-profits and what to consider ahead of accepting a gift from a major donor.  After an in-depth review of due diligence steps you can be taking in your organization right away, he will showcase the Wealth-X Diligence product, including key elements of a sample Enhanced Due Diligence dossier. He will show you how these solutions can be streamlined directly into your existing workflows.

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