Leadership, Transformation and the Future

The following article originally appeared in the Q4 2016 issue of Connections

Apra’s recent Fall Symposium, held last month in Washington, D.C., was an excellent example of how Apra events provide great opportunities for dialog about the skills required to be a leader, and the challenges we face as leaders. For evidence of that, just turn to this sampling from the event’s Twitter feed:

  • Apra Greater New York (@APRA_ GNY): It's great to have a seat at the leadership table. What's hard is to keep that seat, to remain a vital contributor.
  • Anne Dean (@annepdean): Being a leader isn't something you are, it's something you do. @GordonJayFrost
  • Bond Lammey (@lammeyb): Mindfulness, self-reflection, being willing to adapt. Key traits of successful leaders.

It’s that kind of insight that makes Apra events so valuable, and 2017 promises more of the same: The Apra Regional Conference, to be held March 13-15 in Atlanta, will bring together the volunteer bases of several southeast regional chapters; and Prospect Development 2017 (in Anaheim, Calif. July 26-29) will bring Apra members from across the country together for premier education and networking opportunities.

As Apra celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2017, the organization will continue forging transformation with a redesigned and retooled Apra website that will provide more intelligence and an upgraded experience for Apra members. And here’s where it gets really exciting: Beginning in the first quarter of 2017, the content delivered in Connections will migrate to that new website, taking up its new permanent home as a more frequently updated online publication. We’re making that change to bolster Connections as Apra’s source of content intelligence, providing our members with the insight you need and packaging it in fresh and accessible ways.

The Connections pages of our website will be complemented by a twice-monthly Connections e-newsletter that will deliver new, insightful content and other relevant industry news to members. We anticipate the result to be a larger, stronger, more informed and more engaged community, as well as an online forum that provides even more opportunities for insightful contributions from our members.

We sincerely hope you will continue to provide us with your feedback and opinions on what we’re offering — from Connections, to our conferences and educational opportunities, to events, and to Apra’s many other initiatives. As the year draws to a close, thank you as always for your continued loyalty and support. We look forward to continuing this exciting and transformational journey together. 


Jill R. Meister
Apra President

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