LEAN IN: How The Last Worldwide Crisis Prepared Me for 2020

Presenter: Dawn Galasso, Senior Enterprise Account Executive, iWave

Year: 2020

Price: Members: $0, Non-members: $40

Description: The last six months have been a scary ride for nonprofit organizations. Between the markets plummeting and the COVID-19 crisis becoming part of our everyday lives, there is uncertainty for how nonprofit organizations should continue to raise funds and further their missions. Join me, Dawn Galasso, as I present ‘Lean In’, a discussion that will summarize what I learned from the last worldwide crisis and how it prepared me for 2020. From ‘learning discipline’ to understanding ‘nothing last forever’, I’ll share experiences from nonprofit organizations and vendors alike to help you understand what has happened so far this year, and how to prepare for what lies ahead. To weather 2020, you need to LEAN IN. Are you ready?

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