Meet the OverDRIVE/ Keynote Speaker


Scott Berinato, author of Good Charts and Good Charts Workbook, will be this year's keynote speaker at OverDRIVE/ 2020 in New Orleans, March 23. This "dataviz geek" will teach you why visual communication and information design will place you one step ahead. Captivate your next audience with better charts and transformative visuals that represent the goals of your organization. 

Meet Scott

vtgmpxmm-min.jpgScott Berinato is the author of Good Charts and Good Charts Workbook. He is a senior editor at Harvard Business Review and an award-winning writer, editor, content architect and self-described “dataviz geek” who relishes the challenge of finding visual solutions to communication problems. In addition to his work on visualization, he also writes about technology, business, science and the future of publishing. 

View the full education lineup and register to join us at OverDRIVE/. Space is limited, so don't wait to register! 

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