PDVE 2020 Conference Highlights Bundle

PD 2020 Conference Highlights

Price: Members: $299, Non-members: $549

Get 10 of the most popular sessions from the Prospect Development Virtual Experience 2020, on a variety of topics. 

  • Capacity Predictor: A Machine Learning Approach to Ratings
  • Adventures in Verification: A Story About Value, Varieties & Volume
  • A Series of Informative Events: Lessons from Running a Fundraiser Training Program
  • Working Smarter with Excel
  • Teaming Up to Pare Down: A Case Study in Portfolio Makeover at Wisconsin
  • The Office Meets Prospect Development: How PAM and DWIGHT Are Changing Relationship Management
  • Not Just a Newsletter: How Communication Can Transform Your Prospect Management Program
  • Walking the Tightrope: Creating a Robust Due Diligence Program
  • Developing an Amazing Team in Prospect Development
  • Ask the Ethicist - LIVE!

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