Prospect Development 2.0: A Guided Journey Toward Designing a Frontline-Centric PD Team

PresenterThomas Turner, International Justice Mission, Lacy McAlister, International Justice Mission

Year: 2020

Price: Members: $49, Non-members: $79

Description: After surveying our internal clients, we realized the prospect development processes and policies that had worked really well at International Justice Mission for seven years were no longer working effectively. We decided to lay every process and policy we had on the table and make a bold move: we needed to become a frontline-centric prospect development team and rebuild the way our team works with frontline teams from the ground up. In this session, you will learn how to survey frontline teams to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of prospect development and then create a comprehensive short, medium and long term strategy to build a prospect development team that is frontline-centric. This session will be a guided journey through all the different steps you can take to accomplish this. 

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