Report Branding | Using Style with Substance to Generate Trust

Presenter: John P. Gough, The University of Texas at Austin

Year: Prospect Development 2019 - Phoenix, AZ

Price: Members: $49, Non-members: $79

Primary Competency: DA:Competency 5: Visualization/Reporting Techniques and Competencies

Description: Report writing is a fast-paced and often ephemeral undertaking driven by ever-increasing demands, and complicated by changing business rules. As multiple authors move at break-neck speed to provide deliverables to end-users, how can you maintain consistency and ensure the integrity of your report suite? 
At the University of Texas at Austin we were faced with just such a challenge as a new business intelligence team was created and tasked with dismantling a large legacy report suite and replacing it with a new suite reflecting updated business rules and systems. A primary pain-point was the lack of stylistic consistency throughout the legacy report suite which had caused confusion around the source and authority of reports as they had been developed over time. To address this issue, a tool-agnostic reporting style guide was created and implemented to ensure uniformity across platforms and authors in a bid to create a brand associated with trust, authority, and integrity. 
Consistency in style, presentation, design, syntax, and terminology lend themselves to ease of access and enhance the user experience while contributing to the authority and credibility of deliverables. This presentation will discuss the importance of branding in report writing and will use UT Austin as a case study demonstrating the effective creation and adoption of stylistic standards. 

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