Take Your GPP to the Next Level with This Healthcare-Focused Webinar

Nearly 20 percent of healthcare philanthropy can be attributed to grateful patient fundraising. Join us on June 27 from 1 pm - 2 pm CT for "Take Your GPP to the Next Level: Managing Your Patient Screening Data for Fiscal Year-End Action." This webinar will feature a panel of WealthEngine clients as they discuss ways to utilize WealthEngine to identify and prioritize patient prospects. Not only will they answer your most pressing questions, they will also share:

  • How the HIPAA-compliant Grateful Patient Program helps them identify, prioritize and segment potential donors with WealthEngine ratings and scores
  • How they have integrated their screening data into existing CRM and other systems, and manage that data
  • How they have used WealthEngine data to do further analysis to improve portfolio management, outreach efforts and relationships

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