The Fourth Industrial Revolution: What AI will Mean to the Future of Philanthropy

Presenter: Adam Martel, cofounder & CEO, Gravyty
Year: 2018
Price: Members: $0, Non-Members: $39
Body of Knowledge Domains: Relationship Management, Data Analytics, Campaigns

Body of Knowledge Domains:

  • Relationship Management
    • Relationship Management Database Management
    • Relationship Management Reporting
    •  Moves Management
    • Prospect Strategy
    • Portfolio Management
    • Pipeline Management
    • Fundraiser Performance
  • Data Analytics
    • Competency 6: Communication
    • Competency 7: Fund Raising Knowledge
    • Competency 9: Change Management/Strategic Thinking
  • Campaigns
    • Competency 5: Prospect and Portfolio Management
  • Level II: Advanced

Artificial Intelligence has been called the fourth industrial revolution and has been acknowledged as having the potential to be more impactful than electricity and fire. In this talk Adam Martel, a former major gifts officer at Babson College turned technology CEO at Gravyty, will discuss how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing fundraising and what this revolution means for organizations, donors and impact. In this session Adam will discuss what an AI-enabled advancement office looks like, why AI is revolutionizing fundraising and how this innovation is currently redefining the way frontline fundraisers build relationships and raise money from their organization’s major donors.

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