The Office Meets Prospect Development: How PAM and DWIGHT Are Changing Relationship Management

PresenterRebecca Fullmer, University of Cincinnati Foundation, Elizabeth Schmidt-Gullett, The University of Cincinnati Foundation

Year: 2020

Price: Members: $49, Non-members: $79

Description: At the University of Cincinnati, we talk a lot about essentialism for fundraisers -- or removing all of the little things that distract or take them away from their core function as fundraisers. But other than fundraiser metrics, we did not have a good way to measure and report on core function. Enter PAM and DWIGHT -- two easy and clear measures that provide valuable insights to fundraisers and leadership. PAM -- short for Portfolio Activity Measure -- is a composite score that measures four elements of activity and gives a clear indication of portfolio saturation. DWIGHT is an accompanying prospect plan score that assists in forecasting dollars raised. Together, these tools give us a much better understanding of two fundamental questions in relationship management: how much are we going to raise this year, and are we successfully "moving" our prospects and pipeline? 

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