Walking the Tightrope: Creating a Robust Due Diligence Program

Presenter: Hannah Clarke, University College London

Year: 2020

Price: Members: $49, Non-members: $79

Description: Assessing philanthropic risk, developing an effective due diligence program, researching negative news and investigating our supporter’s histories from every angle has increasingly become an everyday fact of life for Prospect Development. In recent years we have seen the impact negative press and reputation issues can have on any institution as well as the sector as a whole. These stories do not discriminate against size of institution, geography, the professionalism of the fundraising teams, or size of gift. It has become as much a practical problem of completing research and finding the right information as it is a relationship management exercise, balancing the expectations of all those involved. As Prospect Development we are uniquely positioned to drive and effectively manage this activity in a way that is beneficial for our organizations; ensuring it intersects with all areas of the fundraising cycle. During this session you will hear the experiences and learnings from someone who has built and maintained a robust due diligence and gift acceptance process at several institutions. I will give insight into why managing risk is important for everyone, the pitfalls and benefits of driving the activity (or how not to be a barrier to fundraising), what information should and can we highlight, how to develop a due diligence training program and how this can all work effectively in a fundraising utopia. This will be an interactive session where delegates will be able to reflect on and discuss real life examples of due diligence challenges and decisions. Effective Due Diligence is not just about research, nor is it just about ethics. It is a key tool we can use to strengthen our connections with our supporters as well as the internal relationships we hold within our organizations, ensuring we all act with appropriate integrity.

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