The Secret Lives of the APRA Board

It’s always fun to hear how your professional colleagues spend their time away from work or what interesting things they’ve done in the past. And it’s even more fun to guess about the Secret Lives of the APRA Board!

Play along as we reveal some little-known, unique and quirky facts about our board members. Each week leading up to the Virtual Business Meeting, we’ll reveal a fact on our Facebook page about one board member. It’s up to you to guess which board member it’s about. The first person who comments on the Facebook post with the correct guess will receive a prize! The answer and winner will be revealed on Facebook and all answers and winners will be recapped during the Virtual Business Meeting.

Trivia not your thing? Submit a potluck-friendly recipe by July 5 and vote on your favorite recipes starting July 9. Learn more about APRA’s Potluck Recipe Challenge.

And of course, don’t forget to register for APRA’s Virtual Business Meeting!

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