Quarter 2 issue of Connections is out now!

The Quarter 2 issue of APRA Connections features the cover story, "Overhead Activist: How Dan Pallotta is Changing Charity," that includes an in-depth look at Dan Pallotta's career. Pallotta, who will be the keynote speaker at Prospect Development 2015, APRA's 28th Annual International Conference, has been advocating to change the dialogue about nonprofit overhead for years. Learn why he has been so successful with his mission.

Also included in this issue:

  • "The Rating Game: Which Technique is Right for You?" by Jon W. Garrow
  • "When It Comes to Research, It's Time to Get Aggressive"  by David M. Lawson
  • "MLIS and Prospect Research: Two Birds of a Feather?" by Ryan Frank
  • Campaign Prospecting 101: Strategy Through Analytics by Carol Belair 

As always, the quarter 2 issue includes a message from APRA President Alison Sommers-Sayre and Connections Editor Preeti Gill.

We hope you enjoy this issue

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