Quarter 3 issue of Connections is out now!

The quarter 3 issue of APRA Connections is here!

 In this issue's cover story, "Prospect Research from Three Distinct Perspectives," Susan Summerfield Hammerman examines the different points of view found in the field using various published works, showing how all the players fit into the complex prospect research picture. 

 Also included in this issue:

  • Prospect Development 2015 recap
  • A summary of the Prospect Development 2015 session "Where There's Cause, There's a Prospect Pool"
  • Spotlight on winners of the following awards:
    • APRA Visionary Award
    • APRA Distinguished Service Award
    • APRA Professional of the Year Award
    • APRA Foundation Margaret Fuhry Grant
    • APRA Scholarship
  • "An Inside Look at the Three Popular Planned Gift Types," by Michael Quevli and Katherine Swank

The quarter 3 issue also includes a message from APRA President Jennifer MacCormack and Connections Editor Preeti Gill.

 If you would like to contribute an article to Connections, please email Managing Editor Dennis Coyle

 We hope you enjoy this issue

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