Four Ways to Put Diversity and Inclusion Principles into Action

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) continues to be a key focus for many organizations. But, if you haven’t taken a closer look at your D&I principles lately, don’t make any hasty decisions. Organizations should handle diversity and inclusion principles with care, allowing for authenticity. 

Organizations looking to create diversity and inclusion initiatives should keep in mind that it is not a unilateral process — it requires effort from the entire staff. From senior leaders to associates, effective diversity and inclusions initiatives allow everybody to participate. Encourage people to share their voices, and even involve community leaders — the stronger the collaboration, the stronger the effect.

To get you started, here are just a few ways to put diversity and inclusion principles into action.



This article relates to the Relationship Management domain in the Apra Body of Knowledge.

For more resources on diversity and inclusion, look at Apra’s Diversity and Inclusion Statement of Principles and the webinar, Diversity, Capacity and Engagement: Prospecting for Volunteer Leadership.

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