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DAS Group Discussions

Thursday, August 1, 5:15 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

b.jpgWhat Does "Big Data" Mean for Fundraising Analytics?

Room: Grand Saguaro East

Presented by: Brett Lantz, Data Scientist, Senior Associate Director of Analytics, University of Michigan Office of University Development

  • What can we learn from the private sector?
  • How do we apply "big data" methods in a resource-constrained environment?
  • Is there a way to separate the hype from reality?

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m.jpgTaking the Next Step Up Mt. Data

Room: Grand Saguaro West

Presented by: Mirabai Auer, Director of Analytics and Business Intelligence, University of Chicago

  • Pitching a conference idea to your manager and leading a new project
  • Tips for stretching into your next analytics role, while in your current position
  • Guidelines and criteria for selecting your next data science project

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Experimental Data Science - Lessons from the Labj.jpg

Room: Grand Saguaro South

Presented by: Jason Cherry, Data Scientist, Advancement Strategy, University of Colorado, Office of Advancement; 

  • Data challenges, solutions, and wisdom from data science projects
  • Cutting-edge tools, techniques, and approaches in experimental data science
  • The role of experimentation, diversity, and creativity in problem-solving

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