26th Annual International Conference

APRA Talks

Even if you missed the APRA Talks and Roundtable Networking Event at Prospect Development 2013, we don't want you to miss out on the excellent messages each speaker had to present. In APRA's version of TED Talks – riveting presentations with ideas that should be shared – Karen Isble, David Lawson, Valerie Anastasio and Jay Frost share their perspectives on topics in research development.

A Home for Prospect Development: Does the House Matter?
Karen T. Isble, Senior Executive Director, Campaign, Information and Technology Services, University of Michigan
Research, prospect management and analytics live under different umbrellas within our organizations – major gifts, advancement services and strategic/campaign planning. Does it really matter for our effectiveness? Are there key benefits to each environment, or is there a “best case” scenario?

The Donor Disconnect
David Lawson, Co-Founder, WorkingPhilanthropy.com
Why do donors stop giving? Are they frustrated, unhappy, bored? Lawson takes a look at how we could redesign the donor experience to foster connections that last.

Towards Ultimate Usability
Valerie C. Anastasio, Director of Prospect Research and Management, Boston Children’s Hospital Trust
Prospect researchers know how to produce vast amounts of analysis and information for fundraisers, but we are often less confident about how well that material is used on the front line. In the face of an information delivery landscape that is evolving rapidly, how will prospect researchers have to respond to ensure that our work continues to be integrated, strategic, and actionable?

Head, Hand & Heart
Jay Frost, Partner, Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners
Is your daily work bringing you closer to your big hairy audacious goal? Do you need a big dream reboot? In the battle for our most precious resource and nonrenewable resource — time — knowing what we want may be our most important consideration. Jay Frost leads an exploration to rediscover our biggest dreams, confront our darkest fears and push beyond the daily obstacles and temporary economic setbacks to shine at the office and beyond!

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