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Thank you for attending APRA's Data Analytics Boot Camp 2014! 

The symposium offered a methods approach to provide practitioners with field tested model building, data understanding and evaluation. While theory was addressed, this boot camp was built around the best practices of analytics and methodology. Participants walked away with predictive and description analytical tools ready for immediate use.

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Event Highlights

  • Laying the frame work of analytics using the CRISP-DM Model
    • Fundraising Knowledge
    • Project Management
    • Types of Projects
    • Prospect Identification
    • Prospect Management Program And Strategy Evaluation
    • Talent Analytics
    • Forecasting
    • Analogies to Other Industries Projects
  • Business Understanding
    • Relational Database Understanding
    • Variable Creation/Manipulation
    • Collection and Use Of Internal and External Data
  • Data Understanding & Preparation
    • Business Model Question
    • Descriptive Statistics
    • Variable Selection Based on Business Model
  • Analytical Modeling and Evaluation
    • Data Health For Modelling
    • ANOVA Understanding
    • Variable Evaluation
    • Regression for Donor Profiling
    • Campaign Forecasting
  • Deployment and Communication
    • Data Automation
    • Data Presentation
    • Data Visualization