MARC 2015 Keynote Presenter: Jay Frost

marc keynote.jpg

Faster, Smarter, Greater: The Future of Donor Intelligence 

Tuesday, June 2 12:00pm - 1:45pm 

In 2015, we have tools that make us faster. Our analysis makes us look smarter than ever before. But are we in fact any greater than “the sum of our parts”?

Fundraising industry leader Jay Frost explores that question in this year’s exciting opening address.

We’ll examine how to build our capacity for understanding what drives us, our colleagues, and our donors. Additionally, we’ll see how to apply this knowledge in our offices and beyond to become greater at what we do and truer to our purpose.

About the Speaker:
Jay Frost, Senior Partner at Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners, is a popular speaker on fundraising who has addressed hundreds of meetings in the US, Canada, UK and Asia, including conferences of CASE, APRA, AFP, NCDC, EAPG, and RiF. He has been described by meeting planners and attendees alike as “a master of innovation” and “a beacon of light and inspiration” whose “humor filled and thought provoking” talks leave audiences both “energized and informed.” Jay gained his insights working with thousands of nonprofit organizations around the world over the last twenty-eight years and a consultant and serial entrepreneur serving the field of philanthropy.