Data Analytics Symposium 2017 Call for Speakers

Present at the Data Analytics Symposium in
Anaheim, California, July 26 - 27, 2017

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Deadline to submit: November 4, 2016
Selected Speakers will be notified in January 2017
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Why should I present at the Data Analytics Symposium?
Don't take our word for it! Hear from previous DAS presenters:

"APRA 2016 was a great experience. Part of what makes a memorable speaking experience for me is how much the audience willingly participates. This year I felt a reversal of a trend I've personally witnessed over the last 3-4 years of declining audience participation. This year, sessions I attended all had great discourse and dialogue between presenters and audience members, including my own session." — 2016 Conference Speaker

"I presented at the Data [Analytics]Symposium during Prospect Development 2015 in New Orleans on the evolution of our organization to a data driven culture. Presenting at APRA definitely increased my engagement at the conference. Being able to share my experiences with the APRA community was powerful. People from diverse organizations and in different positions can relate to your successes and challenges. I was approached by several people after my presentation as well to network post conference." — 
Kim Blackburm, Assistant Director Prospect Management and Data Analysis, UF Development & Alumni Affairs

“Presenting at the Data Analytics Symposium for the first time last year was a great experience for me as it helped me expand my network with other speakers and peers in a way that I do not feel would have been as possible if I had just been an attendee. Since I work at a smaller university, APRA’s speaker compensation program, which provides financial assistance to presenters, was a huge help as my organization was not able to cover my costs and I would not have been able to attend, let alone present, if it had not been for their generous support.” — 
Michael Pawlus, Assistant Director, Prospect Research and Development, Grand Valley State University


What should I prepare before I submit?
Download the Data Analytics Symposium submission checklist for insight into:

  • The information requested in the submission form
  • Submission guidelines
  • Ideas to make your submission stand out

If I'm selected, what is expected of me as a speaker?
If your proposal is selected, we expect you to:

  • Commit to presenting. No last minute speaker changes. This is an opportunity for the individual, not for the company.
  • Share your presence at the event with your social networks. Help spread the word about your session through social media to increase attendance and build excitement around your topic and the conference.
  • Meet the deadlines outlined in the online speaker center for hotel booking, slides, abstracts, etc.
  • Get creative! Help APRA market your session by submitting an informational blog post, creating a short video, or providing anything else you feel will make your session stand out. 
  • Outline clear and accurate learning objectives so that attendees will know what to expect from your session and attend sessions that meet their learning needs
  • Review the Speaker Coaching PageVisit this page for tips on developing your slides and increasing your presentation skills.