Conference Recordings

We know you can’t attend every session at Prospect Development 2018, and sometimes the choices are hard to make. A selection of 14 education sessions will be recorded, synching the powerpoint material with audio - that's 14.5 hours of content! Conference attendees can purchase the digital copy of the recordings with their registration for $50. Be sure to select the Conference Recordings option when registering to save on recording costs.

The downloadable session grid features the Prospect Development 2018 sessions Apra plans to record. Sessions to be recorded are also listed below by track. Please note: recorded sessions subject to change.

Prospect Research

1. (1061) Building, Scaling and Sustaining a Successful Patient and Family Giving Program 

2. (1026) Diversity, Capacity, and Engagement: Prospecting for Volunteer Leadership 

3. (1009) The Power of One! Prospect Research for the Small Shops (Healthcare & Small Shop Focus)

4. (1051) General Data Protection Regulations and The Future of Prospect Research 

5. (1015) Social Media: Occupation to Family Info 

Relationship Management

6. (1139) Control, Alt, Delete: Rebooting Portfolio Enthusiasm 

7. (1071) Riding into the Sunset: Implementing a System to Roll Prospects Out of Development Officer Portfolios 

8. (1019) Herding Cats: The Art of Prospect Management

9. (1124) Prospect Management as a Change Agent: Building Exceptional Donor Partnerships from Within Your Organization

Strategic Management

10. (1113) Vanishing Act: Making Yourself “Replaceable” (Small Shop Focus) 

11. (1105) Building Relationship Outside of Development 

Data Analytics

12. (1083) Making Analytics Actionable 

13. (1080) Measures of Affection: Developing & Applying a Data-Driven Engagement Index 


14. (1043) Campaign Goal and Staffing Size Decisions: Two Sanity Checks Sure to Please