Strengthening Partnerships with Faculty

By: Apra Headquarters | Aug 9

Culture Building: Standards of Collaboration Part II — The OG: Jon’s Management Rules

By: Lindsey Nadeau, CFRE | Jul 7

Culture Building: Standards of Collaboration

By: Lindsey Nadeau, CFRE | Jul 7

Prospect Identification as a Tipping Point to Hire for Research

By: Jennifer Filla | Jun 15

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome, C'mon In: Onboarding for Success and Retention

By: Catherine J. Flaatten, MPH | Jun 9

Credit Cards, and Now Crypto: One School’s Path to Accepting Gifts of Cryptocurrency

By: Apra Headquarters | May 19

How Prospect Research Can Turn ‘No’ Into ‘Yes’

By: Anne C. (Givens) Hofmann | May 5

7 Steps for Elevating Prospect Research and Data-Driven Decisions to Achieve Fundraising Goals

By: Julie Fregetto | Apr 28

Meeting Your Prospects in Private Equity (Part 2 of 2)

By: Anthony Parrish | Apr 21

Becoming Informed: Starting A DEI Book Club At Work

By: Apra Headquarters | Apr 14

Prospect Researchers: Actionable Steps to Support DEI in Your Work

By: Samir Chapra | Apr 7

Women Empowering Women: The Benefits of Mentorship

By: Alison O'Connell | Mar 10

DEI and Due Diligence: An Opportunity for Prospect Research to Lead

By: Kristal Enter | Feb 17

Leadership in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: My Experience as a Case Study

By: Sharise Harrison | Feb 2

Meetings That Matter: Driving Fundraising Success Through Deliberate Planning

By: Bond T. Lammey | Jan 20

A Whole Different Conversation: The Importance of Data Enrichment For Advancement

By: Emma Gassman | Jan 10

Increase Impact: 6 Ways to Make Your Virtual Presentation Resonate

By: Karin McDowell | Dec 22

Modernizing Moves Management with Data Visualization

By: Elisa Davis, MPA | Dec 16

Starting from Scratch: Building 30 Portfolios in 6 Weeks

By: Ashley Mick | Dec 9

Meeting Your Prospects in Private Equity (Part 1 of 2)

By: Anthony Parrish | Dec 3

Prospect Development’s Post-Pandemic Transition

By: Anthony Parrish | Nov 18

Minimalistic Major Gift Portfolios: Do Your Prospects Spark Joy?

By: David Lively | Nov 4

How to Share Ideas Without Sharing Viruses

By: Karin McDowell | Oct 22

LGBTQ+ Perspectives in Our Profession: Q&A

By: Jeffrey A. Walker, PhD | Oct 14

The Tumbleweed Approach: A Case Study on Continuous, Targeted Wealth Screening

By: Viv Chappell | Sep 9

TAPRA: Swimming with Your Sector

By: Connie Swenson | Sep 2

Develop Your Superpowers: Strengths and Personal Growth

By: Melissa Kepler | Jul 29

A Chance to Champion: Prospect Development’s Unique Role in Diversity and Inclusion

By: Regina K Alhassan | Jul 14

Getting Started With Engagement Scoring ― An Idea for Your Next Campaign

By: Jason Shults | Jul 1

Celebrating Pride Month: Resources From Fellow Prospect Development Professionals

By: Apra Headquarters | Jun 25

Digital Fundraising for Pipeline Propulsion

By: Julie Craig | Jun 10

Impactful Data – Developing Dashboards That Both Inform and Inspire

By: Maria K. Wasley-Valdez | Jun 3

Leveraging Clifton StrengthsFinder in a Post-Pandemic World

By: Stephanie Brouwer | May 6

Building a New Portfolio Management Program: A Case Study

By: Alison O'Connell | Apr 29

Voyage of Discovery: Introducing a Discovery Metric at the University of Toronto

By: Devika Ramcharan | Apr 2

How to Jumpstart Diversifying an Organization’s Donor Pool (Part 4)

By: Kristal Enter | Mar 26

How to Jumpstart Diversifying an Organization’s Donor Pool (Part 3)

By: Kristal Enter | Mar 19

How to Jumpstart Diversifying an Organization’s Donor Pool (Part 2)

By: Kristal Enter | Mar 12

How to Jumpstart Diversifying an Organization’s Donor Pool

By: Kristal Enter | Mar 5

Best of Connections 2020 Editor's Message: A Year Like No Other

By: Jessica Balsam | Feb 12

Alexa, Help Me Find Donors in This Crisis

By: Donia Pelton Wright | Jan 21

Time Management From a Manager’s Perspective: Tips to Guide Your Team

By: Lara Elise Tewes | Jan 14

Time Management Tips to Master Your Schedule

By: Lara Elise Tewes, MSLIS | Jan 7

Prospect Development: Training in 2020 and Beyond

By: Marisa Spittal | Dec 17

Using Machine Learning to Better Manage Our Gifts

By: Brijesh Jani | Dec 10

From Floundering to Flourishing: How Apra Chapter Involvement Reinvigorated a Passion for Prospect Development

By: Jodi Ann McLaughlin, MLIS | Dec 3

Managing Parents as Prospects: Automated Scoring and Prospect Management

By: Alex Fujita Brandhorst | Nov 19

New and Learning All I Can: A Self-Proclaimed Newbie’s Journey From Prospect Development and Fundraising to Prospect Research

By: Samantha Kafka | Nov 13

Looking North: Understanding Your Canadian Prospects in 10 Questions

By: Agnes Pawelkiewicz | Oct 15

Adding SQL to Your Analytics or Prospect Research Tool Belt: A Beginner’s Tutorial

By: Farouk Aregbe | Oct 8

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: How Group Prospecting Led One Team to Success

By: Jessica Lirette | Oct 2

A Circle of Connections: Being Open With Your Network During the Job Search

By: Andrea Dowd | Sep 10

Getting From Here to There: A Practical Guide to Managing Data Analytics Projects

By: Ernesto Fernandez & Marianne Pelletier | Aug 13

Northern Lights: Philanthropic Trends in Canada

By: John Hermans | Jul 16

PD 2020: An Apra-tizer With Our Prospect Development Conference Chair

By: Jennifer Huebner | Jul 9

Finding the Next Why: Exploratory Frequency Analysis and the Art of Asking Questions

By: Jason Shults | Jul 2

Tame the Data Tsunami

By: Cannon Brooke | Jun 16

Working as a Prospect Development Consultant: Two Lies and One Half-Truth

By: Ian T. Wells | May 21

Predictive Modeling Case Study: From Theory to Application

By: Brian Robertson | May 7

Howdy, Partner: Diversifying Your Approach With Frontline Colleagues

By: Eric Rezsnyak | Apr 23

Advice for Prospect Development in the Face of Economic Uncertainty

By: Karen L Greene | Apr 16

Creating a Safe Space: Incorporating Mindfulness and Inclusion Into Your Leadership

By: Sharise Harrison | Apr 9

Engaging Donors Through Strength-Based Storytelling

By: Andrea Topham | Apr 3

Why I Became a CFRE

By: Betsy Mehlman | Mar 12

Quilting Qualification: A Museum Prospecting Story

By: Anne Dean | Mar 5

The Role of Machine Learning in Prospect Development

By: James Rygg | Feb 20

Partnerships in Pipeline Development

By: Liz Clark | Feb 13

6 Reasons I Love Working With Gift Officers

By: Elizabeth de Velasco | Jan 30

The 3 Elements of a Prospect Development Blog

By: Joan Ogwumike | Jan 23

Optimizing Challenging Portfolio Structures

By: Megan Tedeschi | Jan 16

Creating and Implementing a Connection Score

By: Marisa Ontko | Dec 16

Discovering New Prospects Using a Social Media-Driven Approach

By: Jacob Astley | Dec 5

Rethinking Gift Tables

By: Chris Brakenbury | Nov 14

Religious Roots of Charity

By: JoAnn M. Manuccia | Nov 7

Building Relationships to Navigate New Career Opportunities

By: Andrea K. Heitz | Oct 17

Pulse Check on Diversity & Inclusion: A Look at AFP’s #Solveathon Insights Report

By: Melody Song, MA, CFRE | Aug 29

Don't Be Tardy to the Party: Identifying Your Billionaires With Open Data

By: Steve Grimes | Aug 16

Tutorial: Cleaning and Using the Billionaire Data Set

By: Steve Grimes | Aug 16

Walking the Line with Prospect Vetting: Just How Much Diligence Is Due?

By: Lindsey Nadeau, CFRE | Aug 8

The OKR Methodology and Team Performance: Goal Setting from an Organizational Perspective

By: Rebecca Fullmer | Jul 18

The Power of Income Psychology on Giving Capacity and Inclination

By: Lindsey Nadeau, CFRE | Jun 6

Patients and Fundraising: All for the Social Good

By: Andillon Hackney | May 31

Impact Investments by Philanthropic Organizations

By: Christine A Mildner, CFRE | May 24

A Leap of Faith: What Does 100 Days of Facing Fear Look Like?

By: Kristin Frankiewicz | May 9

Show Me the Money: Bulk Ratings Upload

By: Donia Pelton Wright | May 2

Connecting the Dots: From Researcher to Strategist

By: Anne C. (Givens) Hofmann | Apr 25

Everything I Needed to Know About Prospect Development I Learned From World of Warcraft: Dashboarding Edition

By: Adrian Annette Owen | Apr 11

Harnessing Fear: Tips, Tricks and Tools to Face Your Challenges

By: Kristin Frankiewicz | Apr 4

A Call to ARMS: Transforming the Relationship Management System at GW

By: Catherine J. Flaatten, MPH | Mar 14

Maximizing Prospect Management Through a CRM Database Conversion: A Case Study

By: Elizabeth de Velasco | Mar 7

Fundraising Visualized: Using Interactive Maps to Surprise, Communicate and Impress

By: Rich Majerus | Mar 1

Strategy: It’s Not Just a Buzzword

By: Heather McPhail and Rachel Brandell-Mayers | Feb 14

A More Connected Approach to Giving: Featuring Eelco Keij, Senior Consultant, Global Philanthropic

By: Kristin Frankiewicz | Jan 8

25 Years in Research: Looking Back, Ahead, and All Around Our Campfire With Cecilia Hogan – Part 2

By: Jeffrey A. Walker, PhD | Dec 13

25 Years in Research: Looking Back, Ahead, and All Around Our Campfire With Cecilia Hogan – Part 1

By: Jeffrey A. Walker, PhD | Dec 6

Evaluating Commercial Real Estate – Part 2

By: Christine A Mildner, CFRE | Nov 1

Evaluating Commercial Real Estate – Part 1

By: Christine A Mildner, CFRE | Oct 25

Manual: There’s No Manual for This

By: Laura Wilkerson and Holly Weimer | Oct 11

Predicting the Future

By: David F. Lamb | Oct 4

Your Neighbour to the North: Canadian Resources for US Prospect Researchers

By: John Hermans | Sep 13

It Takes a Village: Best Practices for Principal Gift Pipeline Management

By: Rebecca Fullmer | Sep 6

Creating Clusters for Strategic Segmentation

By: Barron Cato | Aug 16

To Keep or Release: That Is the Question

By: Beth Inman and Vicki O'Brien | Aug 9

Mary, Mary, How Does Your Data Grow? - Part 2

By: Krista Berg and Cynthia Lee | Jul 26

Mary, Mary, How Does Your Data Grow? - Part 1

By: Krista Berg and Cynthia Lee | Jul 19

The Expression Economy, Making Data Personal and Evolving Your Skillset

By: Amelia Bowen | Jul 12

Adapting Portfolios for Multiple Functions: Small Shop Benefits

By: Clara Lutz | Jun 28

Feeding the Pipeline: Designing and Refining a Proactive Referral Process

By: Sadie Slager | Jun 21

Parent Prospecting: Short Timeframe, Large Opportunity

By: Michael Lasala and Amanda Ward | Jun 7

Wealth Screenings at Duke University: How Changes in Process Led to Better Results

By: Molly Hamrick | May 24

Privacy and Prospecting in Canada: An Introduction

By: Tawnia Daughton and Sarah Anderson | May 10

Analytics as an Investment in Yourself

By: Michael Pawlus | Apr 26

My Career Path – From Caterpillar to Butterfly

By: Xiomara Jannett Moncada | Apr 19

Thinking About Thinking About...

By: Laurie Porter | Apr 12

Toward A More Holistic View of Moves Management

By: Jeanne Sharp and Jason Shults | Apr 5

Life Out On the Limb

By: Lori Hood Lawson, MLSc | Mar 29

Leading With Your Strengths: Using StrengthsFinder to Build Successful Relationships

By: Stephanie Brouwer | Feb 22

More Than Tweets and Clicks: Leveraging Digital Data Analytics to Gain Insights

By: Mirabai Auer and Xiaohong Zhan | Jan 19

6 Ways to Effectively Drive Analytics Adoption

By: Rodger Devine | Jan 11

Beyond Fundraising: Prospecting for Alumni Engagement

By: Marissa Todd, JD, MBA | Dec 19

Private Business Valuation: Emphasize the Science, Not the Art of It

By: Timothy Olivieri | Dec 14

See the Forest and the Trees: External Campaign Factors

By: Izabela Piasecka-Latour and Tracey Church | Nov 17

See the Forest and the Trees: Internal Campaign Factors

By: Izabela Piasecka-Latour and Tracey Church | Nov 9

A New Role for Research: The Feasibility Study

By: Kari Kratky and Paul Strawhecker | Sep 7

Five Steps to a Successful Campaign

By: Ian T. Wells | Aug 17

Philanthropic Game Changer: The Rise of Donor-Advised Funds

By: Lindsey Nadeau, CFRE | Jul 21

Remarkably Outstanding Implementation: The Foundation of Positive ROI

By: Lawrence Carroll Henze, J.D. | Jun 29

Building the Discovery Engine

By: Tarak Shah | May 10

Scaffolding Around the Campaign Pyramid

By: Brett Lantz | Apr 12

How to Cultivate the Gift Officer Relationship

By: Trevor Stasik, CAPM | Mar 15

The Art of the Interview

By: Amelia Aldred | Feb 21

How to Avoid Spaghetti Code

By: Michael Pasqua | Feb 13

Being an Intrapreneur

By: Jennifer A. MacCormack | Feb 13

The University of Michigan's Philadelphia Story

By: Kimberly Huebner and Katie Linder | Feb 13

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

By: Joe Pauwels and Sam Venable | Feb 13