Overcoming fear is essential to growth—so how do we begin? For Michelle Poler, creator of the 100 Days Without Fear Project and Apra’s Prospect Development 2019 keynote speaker, it was a matter of facing facts and facing fear.Read the feature.

Show Me the Money: Bulk Ratings Upload
By Donia Pelton Wright, Texas Christian University
Texas Christian University learned that bulk ratings are a convenient, low-risk way to quickly rate large groups of prospects.

Connecting the Dots: From Researcher to Strategist
By Anne Givens, Gordon College
By extrapolating meaning from that data and transitioning it into a course of action, we are establishing ourselves as strategists and earning a seat at the table.

The Body of Knowledge and You: Using Project Management Tools to Improve Relationship Management Initiatives
By Heather Marzynski
Gain tips for how to use project management tools to further relationship management projects.