Get a Sneak Peek at Thom Singer’s PD Keynote Presentation

In a world still distanced and remote, human connection matters now more than ever. We spoke with Thom Singer, Prospect Development 2022 keynote, on how building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships is the foundation for all we do in our lives and careers.

Credit Cards, and Now Crypto: One School’s Path to Accepting Gifts of Cryptocurrency

Discover how Calvert School got their start in cryptocurrency donations, and how they are looking forward to promoting it further within their community and using it in conversations with donors.

How Prospect Research Can Turn ‘No’ Into ‘Yes’

There are a handful of reasons why a prospect will say “no” to an ask. Discover approaches you can use to ask the right questions so you can turn a prospect’s “no” into a “yes.”

Ask the Ethicist: Is a Photo Worth 1,000 Headaches?

The use of photos in fundraising databases and beyond can raise several ethical concerns in prospect research. Discover ways to help safeguard your organization while ensuring proper safekeeping and care of your constituents’ information.