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Overcoming Prospecting Challenges with Text Mining
By Jeremy Wrinkle, Creighton University
When tasked with challenging prospect searches, it’s best to start with a plan. Learn how Jeremy Wrinkle dove into text mining and web scraping to research a specific group of donors, what he learned and how you can replicate the process.

The Power of Income Psychology on Giving Capacity and Inclination
An interview by Lindsey Nadeau, George Washington University, featuring Amy Begg, Harvard University
Income psychology plays a significant role in when and how much high-income earners donate. Learn more from this conversation with Amy Begg, managing director of prospect management at Harvard.

Build Your Network, Help Grow the Profession — Get Involved With Apra!
By Caroline Oblack, Apra 2019 Board Member, and Amy Turbes, Past Apra Board Member and Past Apra-Great Plains Board Member
Volunteering with Apra allows you to strengthen your network and give back to a passionate community. Learn more about the different volunteer opportunities available and check out the volunteer webpage for more information on how you can make a difference in the prospect development community.