Keynote Presentation: Unstoppable Resilience

Unstoppable Resilience: The Keys to Staying Strong During Any Crisis

Shola Richards, Founder & CEO, Go Together™ Global, Best-selling Author, Coach & Consultant

Tuesday, July 27 | 9:45 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. CDT | Sponsored by blackbaud

Blackbaud.pngThis is a uniquely difficult time for leaders and staff in workplaces all over America. A deadly pandemic is barreling through the world, there is deep civil unrest within our country, parents are being asked to balance working and homeschooling their kids simultaneously, and according to recent studies, Americans are the unhappiest they have been in the past 50 years. Needless to say, navigating all of the aforementioned challenges can have a significant impact on ones' overall resilience and mental health. 

You will leave this keynote presentation with:

  • The keys to creating a resilient mindset, regardless of the circumstances.
  • The strategy to apply the aforementioned keys to any challenge that you are currently facing (professionally, personally, or otherwise).
  • Three personalized commitments that you will use to build resilience and a strategy to stay accountable to your new commitments. 


Shola Richards Biography

Over a decade ago, I was drowning in the despondency of yet another workday. My success as the top regional performer had been numbed by a culture of incessant workplace bullying. And, I'd recently made the situation worse by filing a formal complaint. In short, I was collateral damage in a company without the process or intention to address my experience. 

Exhausted from the drama, with an unrecognizable version of myself at the wheel, I intentionally swerved off the interstate in an attempt to take my own life. But in that half-second, my reflexes responded, and I yanked the wheel away from disaster. As I clipped the guardrail on I-405, something changed....a burning desire to reverse a trend that happens daily to sixty-five million people in this country alone. This catalyst has since become the Go Together™ Movement - a transformational roadmap of mindset, behaviors, and tools that transform workplace cultures and drive results. 

In my research, learning, authoring of books, and insights shared in global forums, I've asked and answered questions about how organizations can tangibly shift their workplace cultures.

Leveraging my personal experiences and the Go Together™ framework, I help organizations build compassion, competence, and accountability in the workplace. As a result, sustainable and joyful peak productivity, engagement, and satisfaction become the new norm.