When several departments join forces to support one project, it’s important for everybody to be on the same page. In this Q&A, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Christina Makal McCaffery walks us through her guide to overcoming the challenges of inter-departmental communication.Read the feature.

Crafting a Narrative through Data Science: A Q&A with Brian Xu, Data Scientist at LinkedIn
By Cristina Rivera-Bosques
Today’s data scientists face the challenge of not only gathering data, but also representing the data accurately through well-written stories. In this Q&A, Plug in to Data Science keynote speaker Brian Xu previews his upcoming presentation, “Crafting a Data Story: U.S. Government Shutdown Impact.”

Four Ways to Put Diversity and Inclusion Principles into Action
By Cristina Rivera-Bosques
Organizations must handle diversity and inclusion principles with care. Reconsider how you’re bringing your diversity and inclusion principles to life with these four action-based strategies.

Apra Reviews: Generation Impact: How Next Gen Donors are Revolutionizing Giving
By Gillian Sciacca
Tap into the tech-savvy minds of millennial donors by reading 'Generation Impact: How Next Gen Donors are Revolutionizing Giving.' Discover innovative philanthropy trends that will engage this “Do Something” generation.