Income psychology plays a significant role in when and how much high-income earners donate. Learn more from this conversation with Amy Begg, managing director of prospect management at Harvard. Read the feature.

Apra Reviews: “Gender Matters: A Guide to Empowering Women’s Philanthropy,” by Kathleen Loehr
Review by Thomas Turner
Kathleen Loehr’s book, “Gender Matters: A Guide to Empowering Women’s Philanthropy” provides a closer look at how women philanthropists approach and engage with charities. Apra member Thomas Turner shares a review and top takeaways from the book.

Patients and Fundraising: All for the Social Good
By Andillon Hackney, director, Prospect Management and Research, UC San Diego
As conversations around privacy and personal data remain a hot topic in a number of industries, the conversation around Grateful Patient Fundraising in prospect development has bubbled up. We take a look at the ethics and myths at the intersection of patients and fundraising in this article.

Impact Investments by Philanthropic Organizations
By Christine Mildner, CFRE
Strategic impact investments can help nonprofits and foundations work toward their missions of social good while delivering financial return.