Prospect development professionals have the responsibility of identifying people who are likely to give. Each organization may work through this process differently, but James Rygg believes that machine learning is one of the most efficient ways to organize data and identify people successfully. Read the feature.

Partnerships in Pipeline Development
By Liz Clark
Identifying prospects effectively is one of the prospect development industry’s most prominent challenges. Liz Clark and her colleagues at Creighton University came up with a pipeline development process to ensure accuracy from beginning to end.

Rest Easily With the Right Policies in Place
By Apra Ethics & Compliance Committee
Are you losing sleep trying to keep up with all of the recent industry changes? According to The Ethicist, the best way to relax is to ensure you have the right policies in place. Read how you can best prepare yourself and your colleagues.

6 Reasons I Love Working With Gift Officers
By Elizabeth de Velasco, Director, Prospect Development, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Their positions may differ, but prospect development professionals and gift officers have similar goals within campaigns and must utilize each other for the best results. Former gift officer Elizabeth de Velasco shares six reasons she loves working with gift officers.