Leveraging Clifton StrengthsFinder in a Post-Pandemic World
By Stephanie Brouwer, Marian University
Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day in a post-pandemic world? Learn how the COVID-19 pandemic can be used as an opportunity to focus on unique Clifton strengths in the workplace and leverage team talent for even greater success.

Building a New Portfolio Management Program: A Case Study
By Alison O’Connell, Devon Rutz and Lindy Speakman, Lehigh University
The prospect researchers at Lehigh University were recently challenged to build a new portfolio management program and build out four new prospect portfolios in just two weeks. Hear how they did it without ever having experience building portfolios from scratch before and the lessons they learned.

A Chapter Leader Finds Joy in Giving Back: Q&A
By Jeff Walker, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
For Emily Glinert, joining Apra has led to multiple opportunities to get involved on the chapter and international levels. Now the president of Apra Wisconsin, Glinert reflects on the unexpectedness of 2020, her advice for those new to the profession and more in this Q&A.

Career Advancement: How an Apra Chapter Became a Place to Grow
By Katherine Scott, Ryerson University
While many prospect development professionals turn to their coworkers and teams for guidance, meeting colleagues and participating in opportunities outside of the office is also important. Learn how Apra chapter involvement led Katherine Scott on a path to professional growth.