Digital Fundraising for Pipeline Propulsion
By Julie Craig, Sara Prince and Quinlan Stein, Kansas State University Foundation
Two years ago the Kansas State University Foundation created a digital development officer (DDO) role to help with donor outreach. Since then, the role has led to increased donor retention and helped to secure major gift leads. Read on to learn more about DDOs and how they can strengthen your prospect pipeline.

Impactful Data – Developing Dashboards That Both Inform and Inspire
By Maria Wasley-Valdez, Texas State University
Over the years, Maria Wasley-Valdez has learned valuable lessons about what makes an informative and impactful dashboard for fundraisers and leadership. Read on for her tips to making a dashboard a that helps inform strategy, improve performance and evaluate effectiveness.

Navigating a Virtual World: One Apra Chapter President’s Story
Interview by Amy Modin, CommonSpirit Health
In this special edition of Beyond Prospecting, Amy Modin, Connections Editorial Advisory Committee member, speaks with Renana Kehoe, NEDRA chapter president, about lessons learned as a first-year chapter president, professional development opportunities and how NEDRA has been engaging their members.

Ask the Ethicist: Collaborative Fundraising
By the Apra Ethics & Compliance Committee
It’s not uncommon for many groups to partner with other organizations on a joint venture and be asked to share donor lists for cross-referencing purposes. But what are the ethics of using a third party to evaluate these lists? The Apra Ethicist weighs in on data sharing and security.