Organizations must handle diversity and inclusion principles with care. Reconsider how you’re bringing your diversity and inclusion principles to life with these four action-based strategies. Read the feature.

Ask the Ethicist: How Can I Create Policies to Avoid Negative Publicity?
By The Apra Ethics and Compliance Committee
When an organization makes headlines for a controversial ethical decision, it affects everybody in the organization, including prospect development professionals. Learn how you can implement clear policies to avoid negative publicity.

Pulse Check on Diversity & Inclusion: A Look at AFP’s #Solveathon Insights Report
By Melody Song, AFP Calgary & Area IDEA Chair
It’s not a single person’s job to support diversity and inclusion – it’s a group effort. Industry professionals recently hosted a #solveathon to provide insights on common diversity and inclusion topics. Learn the action items attendees suggested for organizations’ future initiatives.

Prospect Development 2019 in Review
By Sarah Daly and Lindsey Nadeau
One month after Prospect Development 2019, Conference Planning Committee Chair Sarah Daly reflects on the major successes of the event, how it impacted Apra members and what she looks forward to for the 2020 conference in Washington, D.C.