A digital engagement strategy that considers the data, systems and emerging analytics is vital to tracking progress, measuring campaign success and gaining insights from the data. Read the feature.  

6 Ways to Effectively Drive Analytics Adoption
By Rodger Devine, senior executive director of business intelligence, Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences at the University of Southern California
Discover six ways to effectively organize, contextualize and drive analytics adoption efforts within your team, department or organization.

Beyond Fundraising: Prospecting for Alumni Engagement
By Marissa Todd, JD, MBA, director of prospect management and research, University of Central Missouri
Utilizing prospect research to target specific segments of alumni for particular engagement opportunities plugs people into activities that are mutually beneficially and result in increased engagement, and eventually financial support.

Private Business Valuation: Emphasize the Science, Not the Art of It

A former risk analyst gives advice on approaching private business valuation from a scientific standpoint, rather than one of art.