Writing a manual can be a daunting task – there’s no manual for that! The next best thing is learning from The University of Georgia, who recently created their own prospect management manual. Read the feature.  

Why Should You Engage With Giving Circles?
An infographic from Apra HQ, with research and input from Preeti Gill
If you connect giving circles with your cause, you could notably boost your impact. But, what exactly are giving circles, and why should you care about them? See some insights and statistics in this infographic.

Predicting the Future
By David Lamb, senior solutions consultant, Blackbaud
A good model is not a crystal ball capable of foreseeing constituent behavior. But it is a way to reduce uncertainty and improve your chances of getting to a “yes” from prospects. 

Apra Chapter Capture – Q3 2018
By Emma Frey, associate editor, Connections
Learn what Apra chapters have been doing this quarter, and discover upcoming events that you can pencil into your schedule.