This two-part trek through commercial real estate (start here with part one) will enable you to not only better understand commercial real estate, but also to better partner with gift officers to strategize around donations of property. Read the feature.  

Calling All Thought Leaders!
By Susan Faraone, Editor, Connections
Do you have ideas, processes or observed industry trends to share with the Apra community? This may be your moment.

Ask the Ethicist: Help! Did I Violate FEC Rules?
By the Apra Ethics & Compliance Committee
You may have heard the U.S. Federal Election Commission has rules regarding permissible uses of its political contribution data. Are you violating those rules? The Ethicist weighs in.

Manual: There’s No Manual for This
By Laura Wilkerson, donor relations coordinator, UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; and Holly Weimer, prospect management specialist, The University of Georgia
Writing a manual can be a daunting task – there’s no manual for that! The next best thing is learning from The University of Georgia, who recently created their own prospect management manual.